Welcome to the Comox Valley Photographic Society

Expect informative educational presentations.
Interesting guest speakers.
Photo editing presentations, tutorials.
Post production techniques.
Learn from mistakes – exposure, composition, lighting, etc.
Learn about equipment and accessories.
Photo contests and photo challenges.
Shared Interest Groups – SIGs

We offer a significant social component in our Society.

Field Trips
Enjoy local and out-of-town field trips.
Occasional overnight excursions.

CVPS Garage Sale – May 26, 2018


This year’s garage sale will be on May 26thfrom 8:00am until 12:00pm atthe Little Red Church on Comox Av.

Setupwill be on May 25th from 6:00pm till 8:00pm. Please mark these dates on yourcalendar. It would be greatly appreciated if you could look around to see ifyou have any items for the garage sale and if so please price them beforebringing them to the sale. Garage sale markers can be purchased at the DollarStores.


Wewill need Volunteers to post Garage Sale notices all over the ComoxValley!  Please sign up by emailing me at paterd1@shaw.ca . If you cannot attend the upcomingmeetings and would like to help distribute signs. The delivery of the posterswill need to be done the weekendof May 18th to 20th.


Donations: Kitchenware, Sports equipment, Books,Music, Toys, Hardware, Camera equipment… Please have all items clean and ingood condition and priced.  Please bring any plastic bags you have forwrapping purchases for customers. No clothing please.


Set uptime will be 6:00pm. Please bring your donations at 6:15’ish and if you couldstay and assist with the set up it would be appreciated. Tables will belabeled with Categories – and Miscellaneous – please take yourDonations to the appropriate table. P.S. don’t forget they need to bePriced. This will also be your night to buy items we will have a cash box ifyou wish to make a purchases so don’t forget to bring some money with you


Wewill open the church Saturday morning at 7:00am. We will need as many helpersas possible to answer questions and help people carry out purchases and keepthings organized. Please wear yournametags.



TheGarage sale ends promptly at noon; all leftovers are delivered to the ThriftCottage on Rodella at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

I joined the Comox Valley Photographic Society about two years after moving to the Comox Valley. This group of people of all skill levels, who share expertise on every imaginable photographic topic, have become wonderful friends in the years since.  A common interest brought us together, and I value the relationships that have been the result.

Diana P.