Covering the Filberg Festival

For the past four years the Comox Valley Photographic Society has supported the Filberg Festival by providing volunteers to take photographs throughout the four day event.  Club photographers capture spectators enjoying the Festival, vendors showcasing their items for sale, other volunteers, sponsors and performers.  Images are used by the Festival Coordinator to promote the next years Festival, to demonstrate to sponsors that their banners and products are visible at the Festival and to show the tremendous work that all of the volunteers carry out.  Since the Filberg Festival is the primary method of raising funds to maintain the Filberg Lodge and grounds, the Comox Valley Photographic Society is very pleased to be able to contribute to the continuation of this jewel in our Valley.

Children’s Telethon

The Comox Valley Children’s Telethon has been held annually for 35 years.  100% of the funds raised by the Telethon go directly to the Child Development Centre who provide support for the valley’s special needs children and their families funding specialized equipment, computers, and programs.  The Comox Valley Photographic Society volunteer photographers have been involved in the Telethon for over 15 years, providing mobile photography at the Telethon and getting the “behind-the-scenes” shots that the regular TV crews are unable to do.  Where we used to have our photos developed and hand back several albums of shots, the CVPS volunteers now burn cd/dvd’s and after being collected they are handed to the Telethon coordinator Pam Crowe for their publicity and brochures.