The Education Team at the CVPS is comprised of multiple members of the club. The team is knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics pertaining to photography and they provide presentations and workshops to the other club members to pass on their skills and experience to the rest of the membership.

Education Meetings are typically comprised of two separate instructional presentations by members of the Education Team. These meetings may also include presentations by guest speakers or small-group hands-on learning opportunities.

The team depends on the membership for presentation suggestions as well as presenters for niche topics.

We look forward to seeing YOU at the next Education Night!

I joined the group in January of 2015. I really like how friendly and helpful the members are. I love how there are group outings each week taking photos around the Island. We get to laugh, play, share photos of the islands’ beauty and each other’s knowledge. And it gives me a little time to have to myself from being a mom:). It’s a great group to be in whether you’re a novice or expert in this field. Just a good all around club to join.

Sheri L.