ImageFest 2017

After months of work preparing their productions, talented members of the Comox Valley Photographic Society again presented a feast for the senses. Still photography, periodically punctuated with video clips, combined with music to take the viewer on journeys near and far.

The 40 multimedia productions included Island scenery and architecture, adventures on other continents, hikes to remote locations, sailing on the high seas, visits to famous landmarks and much more.

An exhibition of members’ prints on the lower level of the theatre enhanced the show experience by providing a venue for the audience to enjoy a variety of framed images.

Circle the date April 20, 2018 on your calendars for ImageFest 2018!

This is an annual event that serves as an amazing showcase of the photographic talent in the Comox Valley.

ImageFest has always been an inspiration to me as a Photographer. Just seeing what others see and capture and by putting those pictures into a video, it truly brings the images to life.

People that attend ImageFest have commented positively and are amazed at the quality, production and sensationalism of the videos presentations.

Thanks to our sponsors for making a difference—we couldn’t have done it without your support!