Photo by Nimisha Jimenez

Information last updated on April 19, 2019 

Mentorship Opportunities 

As a CVPS member, you may be new to the pursuit of capturing images photographically, have a brand-new camera or be unsure about trying new software to process your images. The members listed alphabetically below would be pleased to be mentors and would be happy to be contacted on a meeting night, an outing, or by the contact list in the files section on our site.

Richard Boyle

Canon EOS

Expertise and interests: Adobe Photoshop, LightRoom, macro and panoramic landscape photography.

Bob Ell


Expertise and interests: Landscapes and Lightroom.

Bruce Johnstone

Canon/Olympus - Affinity Photo - Topaz

Expertise and interests: Sports Photography

Bill Jorgensen

Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark II

Expertise and interests: Street photography

Mason Laver


Expertise and interests: Landscape and macro.

Rick & Donna Leche

Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark II, Expertise & Interests: Advanced Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw, Image Graphics - Nature & Landscape Photography

Norm Prince

Nikon D610, Expertise and interests: Composition, printing, black & white, street photography

Steve Ray

Panasonic GH4

Expertise and interests: Shoot and edit video with your camera.

Don Tait

Nikon D750

Expertise and interests: Will help with anything requested or refer to someone if I am unable to help.

Terry Thormin

Olympus E-M1 Mark II

Expertise and interests: Nature photography.

Darrell Tomkins

Lumix FZ 1000, Canon 5DM3, Adobe Photoshop CS6

Bryan Treen

Large format view cameras, Sony A7R

Expertise and interests: Adobe Lightroom, black & white, exposure.

Bill Turnbull

Lumix FZ 1000, FZ 300, FZ 200, ZS 100, ZS 60

Expertise and interests: ACDsee, landscaoe & street photography

Bryan Walwork

Fuji XT-2

Expertise and interests: Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw.