Field Trips

Membership in the Comox Valley Photographic Society has many advantages especially for members who take the opportunity to actively participate in our field trips.

These advantages include meeting and getting to know others who share your passion for photography. You can learn from your own experiences and those of others, apply new photographic techniques in challenging circumstances, and visit interesting and picturesque locations. Many trips involve locations in and around the Comox Valley, but also other Vancouver Island destinations and the BC mainland. You can share the results of your work in a safe and positive environment and, most important of all, have fun.

Field trips focus on meeting the needs and interests of the widest number of club members. Trips are scheduled for their timeliness (seasonal settings, events, celebrations etc.) photographic challenge, natural beauty and uniqueness. Trips are scheduled on different days of the week, (often mornings or evenings as well as day-long trips. A few take several days  (e.g., Victoria, Tofino).


Some events may include time being set aside for meals (participants being responsible for their own costs), which may involve restaurants or pubs. Then there are some trips when it is more beneficial to do a brown bag lunch. While coordinators may plan the location of the meal, members are responsible for their own dietary needs.

Following field trips we encourage participants to share their results with other members by using our email link that is dedicated to this purpose.

A real added value to CVPS is the work of the Field Trips Committee which organizes a wide variety of photographic opportunities for members.  It is on these trips that I have come to know many of the club members and develop lasting friendships, expand my photographic knowledge and skills, and along the way see many new scenic locations on Vancouver Island.

Bob E.